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Sergey Neverov: “Turkmen tahya matches me perfectly”.

Russian journalist Sergey Neverov represents “Olympic Panorama” magazine. He told the reporters that it’s his third visit to Turkmenistan for the year and witnessed a number of large-scale events. We introduce the interview with the seasoned journalist S. Neverov to the “ashgabat2018.com” website visitors.

– First of all we would like to welcome you! Is it your first time in Turkmenistan?

- I am here for the 3rd time. I came here for the first time for the 5th Asian Indoor and Martial Arts Games in 2017. Then I reported here “Amul-Hazar 2018” International Rally. And now I am lucky to be here to participate in the Ashgabat IWF World Championships 2018.

 – What can you say about the IWF World Championships?

– These Championships made a great impression on me. Turkmen spectators cheer not only for Turkmen weightlifters, but all participating athletes as well. And this is the clear evidence of Turkmen people’s hospitality.

– Did you visit any sightseeing in Turkmenistan?

– I travelled a lot during my previous visits. This time I have visited the National Museum in Ashgabat, Light of Garagum in Derveze district, Equestrian Sport Complex. Also I have watched performance of the jigitler team on the Akhalteke horses.

– What else would you like to visit in Turkmenistan?

– I’d like to visit the Carpet Museum, I also wish to see “Kowata” underground lake.

– What can you tell about the Olympic Village?

– I explored Olympic Village on the monorail. I was impressed by the beautiful architecture assemble of the Olympic Village, night view of the lit fountains. I took some pictures of the Olympic Village and sent to my friends. They expressed their desire to visit such picturesque places.

–  You wear Turkmen tahya!

– I got this tahya as a gift during the “Amul-Hazar 2018” International Rally. If I rephrase it with my friends’ words, Turkmen tahya fits me perfectly.

– By the way, regarding the national items, did you have a chance to try Turkmen dishes?

– Sure. Turkmen dishes are finger licking good. Particularly I love plov and dograma.

– And what are your impressions of Turkmen people?

– Turkmen people are hospitable, joyful and very friendly. Volunteers help me a lot in these Championships.

– Thank you for the interesting interview.

Student of the Sports Journalism Department of the National Institute of Sports and Tourism of Turkmenistan.

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