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Daniel Barrigo: “Turkmenistan is a hospitable country”

We had an interview with one of the guests of the World Weightlifting Championships, the journalist of the Spanish website www.laliga4sports.es Daniel Barrigo. He shared his thoughts on the Olympic Village, national values of Turkmen people and the Championships with the visitors of the www.ashgabat2018.com website.
- Hello Daniel! Is this your first time in Ashgabat?

- Yes, this is my first time in Ashgabat. I participate at these Championships as the official representative of the Spanish website www.laliga4sports.es. During my stay in Ashgabat I have visited monument of Neutrality, monument of Independence and underground lake Kowata. Kowata left unforgettable impression on me.

- Did you like Turkmen cuisine?

- I liked one of Turkmen dishes called plow a lot. Turkmen people are very friendly. Provision of all necessary support to guests states the friendly relationships between states.

- Do you do sports?

- Even though our website mostly broadcasts football events, I prefer golf more. On the weekends I like to spend my time playing golf.

- What can you tell about the organization of the Championships?

- Provision of catering, accommodation and transport services proves the high-level organization of the event. And it is important to mention that volunteers help us a lot.

- Daniel thank you for your speech! Wish you success in life!

- Thank you!

Interviewed by Sylapberdi Mammedov,
Student of the International University of Oil and Gas.

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