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Fifth gold medal and new record

The last day of the Championships started with the competitions among women in 87+ weight category.

As it was expected, Tatyana Kashirina from Russia earned the gold medal in the snatch performance. She managed to lift 145 kg and at the same time set the new world record.
Meng Supeng managed to lift 143 kg, just 2 kg less than Tatyana, and earned the silver medal. The main rival of these weightlifters was the weightlifter from North Korea Kim Kuk Hyang, she managed to lift 130 kg and earned the bronze medal.

The challenging competition in the clean and jerk performance was between Chinese and Russian weightlifters. The performance was unforgettable not only with lifting high weights but with their always changing requests in weights.

As a result, Tatyana Kashirina became the gold medalist who managed to lift 185 kg, and with this weight she set the new world record. The silver medalist Meng Suping managed to lift 184 kg. A weightlifter from Thailand Chaidee Duangaksorn managed to lift 167 kg and earned the bronze medal.

In the total result rating, Tatyana Kashirina became the golden medalist and at the same time World champion with the result of 330 kg. At the same time, she set the new senior world record. Meng Suping with the result of 327 kg became the silver medalist. Chaidee Duangaksorn from Thailand became the bronze medalist with her 298 kg.

Selbi Amanalyyeva,
Student of the National Institute of Finance of Turkmenistan.

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